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Clinical Hypnotherapy in South London and Dorset

Assured Effects Workshops are designed to get you thinking and retrain the mind, simply and easily. Using the latest techniques in NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming), IEMT (Integrative Eye Movement Therapy) and pioneering ideas in hypnosis and hypnotherapy Assured Effects Workshops are tailor made for the group- with the individual in mind.

Groups are a maximum number of 12 with 2 qualified trainers and involve specialist attention as well as the broader introductions into the theme. Groups can be effective when working with hypnosis, as fellow peers can inspire and bring their own personality to the mix.

All the workshops are run by qualified and experienced NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy) hypnotherapists with the aim to evoke change where change is needed. Workshops will generally be run by a male and female therapist each bringing their own specialisms in the designated areas.

Workshops currently being run.  

Each workshop will have its own information pack and guidelines for the day, plus tips on what is self hypnosis and each group member will come away with the ability to be their own hypnotist!


Weight Loss Boot Camp for the Mind.

Control your weight easily without the need to diet ever again.

Effective Assurance - Discovering Inner Confidence .  Free yourself to become the person you want to be.

Clinical Hypnosis in South London - Boot Camp Workshop Clinical Hypnosis in South London - Confidence Workshop

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