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Smoking - An age old problem?

80% Of smokers start the habit in their teens; a best friend, a boy, a girl, looking cool. It’s easy to start smoking as a teen, death is a long way away, and looking good is way more important. What’s the reason to smoke now? Surely at 40 it doesn’t look quite so clever?

Hypnotherapy addresses the reasons why we are dependent on cigarettes and why we smoked in the first place. Our bodies want to be clear of the smoking poisons; hypnotherapy de-clutters the mind of the old, stagnant beliefs so the body can be clean, and the mind determined to succeed. Hypnotherapy is statistically one of the most successful ways to stop smoking and break free. We work with a one off session for you to completely stop. Hypnotherapy increases the WANT to get rid of cigarettes; get them gone…forever.

How can hypnotherapy help?

The kettle boils, the switch flicks off, and just like that we think, time for a cigarette.

Hypnotherapy breaks down our subconscious associations with smoking. Every day we go through processes that link to reinforcing the smoking behaviour through repetition, after all the more we practise the easier it gets. Why not choose to practise a new, cleaner, clearer way of living with no desire to smoke and every desire to be free?

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